Chemo (Week 9) – Change in Plans

Since my visit to MDA on 7/7 and 7/8, things have changed a bit. The radiologist finished her official report of my CT scan last week.  Her official report was slightly different from what the doctors were reading off the film.  The radiologist found some spots in my liver and they are unsure about what they are.

The doctors discussed my case again at the weekly appendix cancer conference in light of these new findings. Since one of the possibilities is liver metastasis, they decided to keep me on chemo right up until my next CT scan on 9/1.  I was going to go off of chemo two weeks prior to my laparoscopic surgery on 9/3. The surgery has been delayed for now.

After my next CT scan, they will be able to re-assess the situation. If it is cancer, then it’s a whole new ball game. Biopsy, more chemo and who knows what else. If these spots are gone or are not growing at the next CT scan, it could simply be some side effect of the chemo.

Of course, I was a little distraught after the phone call, but I am focusing on the fact that the new findings are not conclusive. I agree with Dr. Mansfield and Dr. Overman that it is in my best interest to keep the chemo going until the next tests/visits. We’ll see what happens after my next CT scan on 9/1 and take it from there.

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