Your life is your story.

It’s November 30, my “new birthday” once again.

Seven years ago, I had surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center to remove a second appendiceal adenocarcinoma tumor after two prior surgeries, six months of pre-surgery chemo, three more months of post-surgery chemo (just in case) and a whole bunch of support from family and friends.  My doctors removed a completely dead tumor even though the odds were not in my favor.

So today I will celebrate and revel on my “new birthday” again by:

  • Enjoying my morning coffee in bed.
  • Letting go of any worry or concerns for the day.
  • Waking my family up with dance music that makes me happy.
  • Enjoying the ride to school with my girls, laughing and being silly.
  • Going on my daily walk with my dog and a dear friend.
  • Committing to not listening to the news for the day – hah!
  • Renewing my vow to do something out of my comfort zone at least a few times a week.
  • Reflecting on the past seven years and appreciating my life with all the flaws.
  • Remembering my life story isn’t done and I can always edit.

Here’s to many more years of writing my story.

8 thoughts on “Your life is your story.

  1. Happy New Birthday Ivanna! Congratulations on this milestone. You’re an inspiration – its always wonderful to read your refreshing perspective. Cheers to a beautiful day!

  2. I can SEE you dancing in their bedrooms!!! Your light always shines so bright. Thank you for sharing your celebration with all of us. I love you ❤

  3. Thanks so much for continuing to share with me. Even though Jim Carney did not survive, it is always great to hear from someone who did. Congratulations! Marion Coffee

  4. Hey Ivanna: Can’t believe that it has been seven years since your surgery. What a milestone and it goes without saying that I can’t imagine life without you on the planet! The world is not through with you yet. Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying the beginning of the holiday season. Let’s go for a walk soon, on one of these Sundays. Eddie and I are going to Oakland next week for his annual work Christmas party. Should be fun and need a much-needed break from the kids. My sweet niece is coming to supervise…

    I’ve been wanting to take a guided walk at Wild Basin Preserve one of these chilly mornings, as well as walk the Violet Crown trail from Barton Springs. Let’s connect soon! Oh, and you also have a birthday coming up so there’s always your birthday lunch – your pick. Talk so you soon.



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