My Story on Cancerwise (MDA blog)

In addition to still being alive on the planet six years after my cancer diagnosis, one of my other day-to-day blessings is getting to connect with other appendix cancer survivors.

One of the big drivers in deciding to start this blog was the opportunity to connect with other appendix cancer patients, particularly since there was so little information out there and I hadn’t met anyone with the same type of cancer.

Over the years, I’ve made many new friends and we have been blessed to share stories, experiences, treatment survival strategies, laughs, and tears.

Many thanks to Cancerwise, MD Anderson’s blog, for featuring my story in their blog this week where I discuss taking an active role in your treatment.

Click here to read the Cancerwise post.

Appendix cancer survivor: Take an active role in your treatment
March 07, 2016



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