My “Deportation”

Good news!  My mom and I both had our check-ups last week at MD Anderson and both check-ups turned out well again. Whew.  For those keeping track, my mom went with the mocha-flavored barium smoothie and I stuck to my favorite. Berry.

Mom:  Even though she has quite a few involved lymph nodes, her low-grade B-cell follicular lymphoma does not appear to be progressing. Stable is good.

Me:  No tumors were found on CT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis and my tumor markers are in normal range. NED is still my friend. My Bard Power Port was removed.  Some friends are jokingly calling this my “deportation,” NOT to be confused with the currently highly-charged, politicized type.

I have mixed feelings about my port removal.  On one hand, the port was a not-so-pleasant reminder of my cancer and the chemicals injected into my body. On the other hand, it represented part of the very effective treatment plan used to kick my cancer.  I feel a little vulnerable now without it but I will adjust.

My mom and I have our next check-ups at MDA in October.

I am blessed once again to have one less thing to worry about.  At least that’s the idea.

6 thoughts on “My “Deportation”

  1. Again, I am reminded of your courage and determination. I am grateful for all the information you so generously provide so that others may be reminded of your journey and that of your mother’s. This wealth of detailed information and of your emotional journey is unparalleled. I hope for many years of happiness for you and your family.

    love, Jane

  2. Keep on, keep on…we are always rootin’ for you and have you and your family in a special place in our hearts…N & S

  3. What great news! Jim says, “Keep up the good work!” I wonder when is MDA going to figure out that Austinites are pretty good at fighting this cancer and do an exhaustive study on you two! We are seriously celebrating for you. Marion

  4. That is very exciting news! Ivor is picking up your mom and Aubrey from the airport today…I bet Aubrey is excited for Camp Wawona!

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