Treatment-Free and Dancing Once Again

In my life with “NED,” I happily embrace every milestone I can get my hands on.  Birthdays, anniversaries — and yes, even my kids’ science projects — are candidates for funny hats and chocolate.

Today (belatedly), I’m cheering my one year anniversary of being treatment-free as of Saturday, March 24, 2012.

A year ago (March 24, 2011) I was unhooked from my chemo pump and set free to recover from the havoc wreaked on my body.  No more hours in a sea-foam green La-Z-Boy recliner with an IV pole decorated with bags of toxic chemicals hanging over me.  I had just finished three-months of post-surgery “just-in-case” chemo to kill any rogue cancer cells that might be floating around in my body after my unusually successful surgery to remove a second tumor.

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