Second Cancerversary: Mental Gymnastics

Sunday, February 5, 2012 was my second cancerversary.  The day back in 2010 when I had a CT scan that revealed the 6.5 cm mass in my abdomen.  My ob/gyn thought it was probably ovarian cancer but it was not that dreaded disease.  Just a very rare and aggressive cancer: non-mucinous colonic-type appendiceal adeoncarcinoma.  Two years later, I am still on the planet and have no evidence of disease.  Cause for celebration, right?  On my first cancerversary, I was definitely more upbeat.  But this year, I was filled with intense mixed emotions.

My husband and kids woke me up on Sunday morning to breakfast in bed, a candle in an almond croissant and yummy coffee.  They made cards celebrating “Super Mom,”  “Happy 2nd Cancerversary,”  “in awe of your awesomeness,” and “Congrats on another year on the planet.”  Wow!  They were so excited that I had made it through two more years. Continue reading