Good Results All Around

My mom and I just got back from MD Anderson Cancer Center after having each of our cancer status re-evaluated. Mom’s B-cell follicular lymphoma is stable so no need for treatment yet since it’s very slow-growing and incurable (save the big guns for later).

My status is still NED (no evidence of disease)! We were like two happy kids after our doctor visits today. We were trying to keep the expressions of happiness to a minimum until we got outside the building as I am so aware of what it feels like to be on the other side.  Boy, it was a great day!

Trying to coordinate our testing yesterday was like a 3-ring circus!  Mom’s testing was in one building and mine in another. Everything ran late. With Doug’s help, we stumbled into our hotel room around 9 pm.  We must have looked very strange  since I was drunk from the IV Benadryl added to my contrast dye injection to prevent an allergic reaction. But this morning, we were new again and off to see the docs. Believe it or not, I barely made my appointment after Mom’s appointment even though there was supposed to be 2.5 hours in-between appointments.  “Uh, can you please hurry and get my mom into her appointment so I can take notes and still be able to make my appointment in the Gastro Clinic to check on my cancer status, too?” Very strange problem. But it all worked out.

I’ve been moved from a quarterly check-up schedule to every four months now. My next appointment should be sometime in March (mom will be back then, too). It is a small but meaningful move in the right direction!

15 thoughts on “Good Results All Around

  1. Ivanna, Great news! Gotta love that NED! Congratulations on moving from a quarterly (3-monthly) check-up to a thirdly (4-monthly?) check-up! Soon, you’ll be on a 6-month check-up schedule and then on a yearly check-up, etc., etc. Very considerate of you all to contain your celebratory mood until you all weren’t in danger of making anyone with a less fortunate check-up result feel bad! We look forward to seeing you all again sometime when you all are around! Love, Randy and Caroline

  2. Ivanna, wonderful news for both you and your mom. Praying for both of you and your continued recovery. Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving….lots to be thankful for!

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