Good Results All Around

My mom and I just got back from MD Anderson Cancer Center after having each of our cancer status re-evaluated. Mom’s B-cell follicular lymphoma is stable so no need for treatment yet since it’s very slow-growing and incurable (save the big guns for later).

My status is still NED (no evidence of disease)! We were like two happy kids after our doctor visits today. We were trying to keep the expressions of happiness to a minimum until we got outside the building as I am so aware of what it feels like to be on the other side.  Boy, it was a great day!

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Moving Forward Anyway

I had a little scare last week.

A little tenderness and pain sprang up in my lower right pelvic area, the same spot as my first two tumors. Uh oh!  Was this another tumor or just scar tissue causing problems with my colon? The tenderness/mild pain kept up for almost a week.  My local oncologist poked around my belly but didn’t feel anything, so I decided to  just wait until I go to MD Anderson for my quarterly check-up in two weeks.

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