NED is still my friend!

NED. No evidence of disease. My favorite friend is still hanging out with me. Had my second set of three-months CT scans and lab work yesterday. Just met with Dr. Mansfield and he said I’m doing just fine. All the scans look clean. My tumor markers are stable and in normal range.

Only hiccup is that my blood counts are still trending downward. Platelets (for clotting) and white blood cell count (for fighting infections) are lower than they should be. But I am told that my bone marrow is probably still in shock from all the intense chemo. So I will continue to have it monitored in Austin. Next MDACC check-up will be in three months.

Uncharacteristically, I woke up this morning extremely nervous and nauseated after several bad dreams. It was strange to be that nervous but suddenly I realized how badly I wanted my healthy life to continue. I can’t wait to get home and hug and kiss my precious kids! (I’ve already hugged and kissed Doug!)

Full speed ahead!

16 thoughts on “NED is still my friend!

  1. Wonderful news Ivanna….praying that your body continues to heal and you continue to stay healthy! I’m sure your girls are happy to hug and kiss you as well….hugs to you!

  2. Great update! Sept. 12 is my next visit to MDA. I usually don’t get nervous until the hours between the CT scan and the chat with Dr. Fournier. Ugh.

    Congrats, Ivanna!


  3. Ivanna: Jim has also had 3 clear scans, so maybe you two are going to change the odds on this form of cancer. Or, maybe it’s just all those good vibes from living in Austin. We go back to MDA in September. Marion

  4. The world is a better place with you in it…..I continue to hope and pray for your good health. This is indeed very good news.

    My love,


  5. Dear Ivanna, Thank you so much for creating this blog! I have been searching for another person who has my same diagnosis – non-mucinous colonic adenocarcinoma of the appendix!!! Bless you for creating this blog. It has been so informative, inspirational and uplifting for me to read about your journey. I was diagnosed on July 19th when I had surgery to remove my appendix and part of my colon. Would you consider sharing with me your initial diagnosis information? I read that you had no cancer in lymph nodes and no metastises. I have the same. My cancer was limited to the submucosa of my appendix. However, my appendix (not the tumor) had ruptured. I am so confused as to what I should do next. My local oncologist recommends watchful waiting, no chemo therapy. I would appreciate your sharing of any information. My thoughts are also with your mother. You are both in my prayers! Thank you!!

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