NED is still my friend!

NED. No evidence of disease. My favorite friend is still hanging out with me. Had my second set of three-months CT scans and lab work yesterday. Just met with Dr. Mansfield and he said I’m doing just fine. All the scans look clean. My tumor markers are stable and in normal range.

Only hiccup is that my blood counts are still trending downward. Platelets (for clotting) and white blood cell count (for fighting infections) are lower than they should be. But I am told that my bone marrow is probably still in shock from all the intense chemo. So I will continue to have it monitored in Austin. Next MDACC check-up will be in three months.

Uncharacteristically, I woke up this morning extremely nervous and nauseated after several bad dreams. It was strange to be that nervous but suddenly I realized how badly I wanted my healthy life to continue. I can’t wait to get home and hug and kiss my precious kids! (I’ve already hugged and kissed Doug!)

Full speed ahead!

My mom’s cancer journey

I’ve created a site for my mom so that her friends and family can stay updated on her journey with a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. You can follow her at

Please feel free to leave her a message in the guestbook as she won’t be able to return every email or phone call for the next few days. Mom thanks you for all of your prayers and support.