Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Our local neighborhood park and pool was needing some repair.  The neighborhood pitched in and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department delivered the renovation after a long delay.  Some of the creative neighborhood moms (me of the silver cap and pink sarong) celebrated by putting ourselves OUT THERE for the kids and for our West Austin Park!  Carpe Diem!

Here’s the fabulous video!

Synchronized Swimming: Magnificent Moms of West Austin Park

8 thoughts on “Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

  1. What a great bunch of silly moms ! Perhaps you will get an invitation to one of the talent shows. I think you would win first place !! Mom

  2. Utterly ridiculous–I totally approve! I am glad you worked in the Cake version of the song into the youtube video, even tho it was the “clean” version, without the f word!

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