Stronger and cancer-free?

I’m getting stronger.  Or I should say I’m on my way to getting stronger.  Just biked about 3 miles.  Felt like a weakling but I will get there.  Will go for a swim tomorrow to see how that feels. I’ve looked into some yoga classes down the street. Hopefully, I can figure out some sort of cross-training routine.

I am definitely an endorphin girl.  I feel like I just want to keep going and going!

Sunday, we go to MD Anderson for tests and CT scans. On Monday, I will see my medical oncologist to see what’s up inside. Hopefully, my body will be running smoothly and healthfully!

7 thoughts on “Stronger and cancer-free?

  1. Wonderful to hear that you’re able to do as much as you’re doing…I’m praying that you’ll hear good news on Monday and will continue to improve….hugs to you! Rosie

  2. That’s great news! Your positive attitude shows through all your efforts to get stronger. I do believe that exercise helps in so many ways. We are all here for you for a good report next week. You know all of us here at AAI love you and your family.


  3. Hey, Sweetie – you are my hero!! – It took 3 years for me to have such a wonderfully joyful, adventuresome attitude. I love you.

  4. You are a strong one, just remember that it takes a little bit at a time in the getting stronger issue. Keep up the moving forward and don’t overdo. You are amazing and makes me feel like maybe I shouldn’t do any whining!!!

    Thoughts are always with you and super strong this comoing Sunday and Monday!!!

  5. Nice to read that you are exercising on a regular basis. That alone says you are doing quite well and we are happy for you. Thanks for driving to Houston to see Val and Kurt. That effort on your part meant a lot to Valerie. We wish you a most wonderful trip to Houston this weekend and may your doctor put the biggest smile on your face next Monday. We will be thinking of you.

    Take care,

    Dennis and May

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