Almost there…

I finished my fifth post-surgery chemo treatment last week. Once again, I experienced some pretty uncomfortable symptoms but I’ve recovered enough so that they are just annoying now.

"Figure 5 in Gold" painting by Charles Demuth

The chemo finish line is in sight! I am counting down the days. My sixth and final post-surgery chemo treatment begins Tuesday, March 22 and ends Thursday, March 24. I will be carefree until April 18th when I get the results of my next CT scan. Hopefully, everything will still be fine and the carefree days will continue.

As the finish line draws nearer, I think the family is finally letting their breath out after a very extended period of mucking through and holding it together. Everyone deserves some down time.

So we are making travel plans for the summer after being tied down all last year. Weekly chemos and three surgeries definitely limit the travel. We are still brainstorming as we have so many things we would like to do. And I am not in the mood to waste any time or put things off!

The kids have weathered the cancer experience well overall. It’s spring break and they are at a two-day horse camp having a blast. My mom has done more than her share by essentially living with us for the past year and helping with everything. Other family members have worked together and helped out at the drop of a hat.

But Doug has been the rock that has helped hold us together and I am so grateful for his love, strength and understanding. He definitely has lived up to his promise of sticking with me “in sickness and in health.”

I feel lucky and blessed in so many ways.

7 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. WoooHooo! Can’t wait, Ivanna. You have all been remarkable. So glad the girls have weathered it. Make sure you save plans for a visit to the Scott house this summer. We’ll take the girls waterskiing or wakeboarding or whatever.

  2. Wow!! The final stretch! You are one amazing woman. So cool that the girls are at horse camp…I’m sure the new cowgirl boots are being worn with pride. Big hugs all around to the whole family!!

  3. How great that you are almost through! As soon as you feel up to it, call and we will go out to dinner. We finally got an appointment with Dr.Shimkus. But he couldn’t see us until April 4. Jim will start the pill form of chemo then. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a dinner while you are feeling better and before he feels bad. Good luck to all your family. Marion

  4. Man, I wish I could go to horse camp. Glad to see the finish line is just ahead. Your attitude astounds me, pretty missy! If you and the family happen to be passin’ through Colorado this summer, stop on by. We would love it! Lots of horses and cows and bears…

  5. Ivanna,

    We look forward to each of your new posts. We are glad you are almost through with your post surgery chemotheraphy treatments. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Doug in Houston. We wish you nothing but the best in the future.

    Take care!

  6. I’m inspired everytime I receive one of your updates. Your unwavering strength and determination has been an example to all of us. I hope you enjoy the wonderful time away with your beautiful family (and also that you and Doug manage to squeeze in some special mommy & daddy time too).

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