Wavy Me

Hey, I forgot to mention that my thinned-out chemo hair is growing back. But instead of straight-as-straw hair, it’s coming in WAVY! It’s thicker, darker and, yes, grayer.  I call it my crazy hair!

8 thoughts on “Wavy Me

  1. My friend, Kristee (who you know Ivanna) has ringlets now. After straight as a board hair her whole life. Her depacote (for seizures) bonded with the zinc the doctors had her on and gave her ringlets. Why can’t I have some postive hair energy like that? Wave on!

  2. I love the waves!!! And the layers look really sweet. My mom’s hair grew back kinda like that after chemo. She was a bit older, but her hair grew in very gray, and with a serious wave that was almost wiry. Of course, she was just thrilled to have some hair!! And it was thick as the dickens! She has always worn her hair long, so she grew that wavy gray hair halfway down her back, and it was beautiful. Then over about three years, it gradually morphed back to its original texture and chestnut color, and stayed that way for quite a while. Now it’s gray for all the normal reasons. 😉

  3. Hi Ivanna!

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I have been thinking of you so much! For having to deal with another cancer, a regular one :), I think you are very, very courageous.
    Almost done Ivanna, and I hope to see you at the club soon!
    By the way, I have crazy hair like you too, and my students asked me what I had done with my hair? It was funny, they were so upset…

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