Just-in-case chemo

I had my follow-up visit yesterday with my surgical oncologist, Dr. Mansfield. Everything is going smoothly with my recovery but I did learn one new thing. When I thought about my surgery, I imagined this half-alive, half-dead tumor being taken out of my body. But no, the tumor was dead as a doornail. I had a COMPLETE response to chemo!! Unbelievable! I get the impression that this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often with my type of cancer. I thought my pathology report was amazing but this new tidbit has me floating again.

There is still a little more work to be done. Unlike the mucinous type of appendiceal adenocarcinoma, the non-mucinous type that I have tends to more easily metastasize outside the peritoneal cavity (the place that holds all your guts). Just in case any rogue cells might have escaped via my bloodstream for a tour, I will need about three more months of just-in-case chemo. I will meet with my doctors again in mid-January to find out the details. About the extra chemo, I say bring it on!

I almost forgot to mention that I’m home again after almost 3 weeks in Houston! Details, details. It was so wonderful for Doug and I to walk in the front door last night and be greeted by our girls, my mom, our dog and a yummy dinner. I kinda felt like a medieval knight coming home after battle.

Whoever you pray to, whatever you believe – thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts sent on my behalf.

11 thoughts on “Just-in-case chemo


    Please change the name of this blog to ZERO Rogue Cell ! Let’s leave that language in the past!!!!!

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to drive by your house and honk several times today…. so you’ll know it is us sending love!!

  2. Well prayers heal and it looks like mine and many other’s prayers were answered. You still have a lot to do in this world, one being that you are needed by your dear girls and Doug as well. God Bless you dear one.

  3. Love to hear about dead tumors! Glad you and your doctors are going after the cancer cells jugular! Can’t wait for you to be able to say..I used to have cancer! That will be so sweet!!!
    Sheboygan Mark

  4. So glad that you are back home with Aubrey and Madison. A bit more chemotherapy will be nothing compared with what you’ve already been through. Needless to say, your pathology report is the best Christmas present ever.

    Have a joyful Christmas, you so deserve it.

    Love, Susan

  5. Hi Daisy Warrior
    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Hoping all is well. I think about you daily, and am so fortunate to have met you. Thank you for my daisy warrior hat…..I LOVE it! Enjoy the holidays……you deserve it!
    Daisy Val

    • Hey Val – glad you like the hat. It was just so you! Now whenever I wear my hat (alot), I’ll be thinking of you! Happy Holidays to you and the family!

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