Day 6 post-op update

Things are trucking along in Houston here at MD Anderson, with a steady stream of pain-killers, sleep, walking and “soft foods” (yum).  Still don’t know how that soft-food-thing is working out.  I do like the Carnation Instant Breakfast.

My epidural was removed yesterday which was replaced with oral painkillers. Ouch!  The transition was tough, but it looks like we’ve finally struck a good balance with the pain meds.

My girls visited this weekend!  The antler ears and gingerbread house were nice additions to the room. In addition to hanging with me in my spacious hospital room, they squeezed in trips to the Children’s Museum and Hermann Park.  Our dog made the trip too, but was regretfully banned from the hospital, despite our best attempt at her nurse disguise.  Blasted, archaic hospital rules!

My mom and Doug have been alternating nights with me in my hospital room enjoying the apparently very comfortable fold-out chair/bed.  Doug is really, really thankful for the wifi and the lattes in the 24/7 cafe downstairs.

My room is now tastefully decorated with a photo-wall of family and friends.  It’s so nice to see friendly faces!  Thanks to Doug for the surprise and to Dan for the inspiration.

I don’t know when I’m coming home yet, so taking things day-by-day.

Thumbs up for my photo-wall wall @ MDA!

6 thoughts on “Day 6 post-op update

  1. The picture wall is awesome! We are thinking of you guys every day and I’m personally giving the girls a couple of extra hugs each day. It’s nice that MD Anderson is so close to the zoo/park/museums etc. Next time try dressing June up as a reindeer…. tis the season and she kinda looks like that little dog from the Grinch.

  2. One week down!!! I love the photo wall. Despite that you are in a hospital it looks so warm and cheery. Doug you are amazing! Think about you all 24/7. Love. love and more love coming your way!

  3. Dear Doug and Ivana, I start reading your posts with a heavy heart but it is immediately lifted with joy by the time I reach the end. You are both rather fabulous people and you are in my thoughts and prayers each day. My wish is that you will be home soon with your lovely daughters and all will be well. Big hug to you both…Posy

  4. Ivanna, we have been following your e-mails and reading your blogs daily. You and your family have been included in many prayer groups; please know that we are all thinking of you, Doug, and the girls. Love the photos on the wall; wishing you a very speedy recovery.

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