Day 3 post-op update

It’s another beautiful day here @ MD Anderson!  Here’s a quick update on the patient, three days post-surgery.

  • Today is better than yesterday.
  • Had a good night’s sleep.
  • Still weak and tired.
  • Pain management is under control — the epidural was only working on one side yesterday, which happens occasionally.
  • Hemoglobin level was low yesterday from some post-op internal bleeding; received an early evening red blood cell transfusion.  It worked, the bleeding stopped and was able to avoid “the return to surgery” party.
  • Today’s forecast calls for a few laps around the nurses’ station and a menu of broth and popsicles.  Jello is the stretch-goal.  Lime is preferred.
  • This weekend, brother and sis-in-law are driving down with the girls for a weekend visit.

Warning: Dansko-free zone

3 thoughts on “Day 3 post-op update

  1. Hemoglobin cocktail, yum! Is that a little like a Bloody Mary? Lime jello shots sound like it’s going to be a party! Thinking of you, Ivanna.

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