Today’s surgery went the “best-case” route.

The existing tumor, now a wimpy 2cm from this summer’s chemo, was removed and there was no evidence of any additional disease.

This means there was no need for HIPEC, aka heated intraperitoneal chemo, aka mother-of-all-surgeries (MOAS).

Prior to surgery, patient and doc agreed that if the surgery was “clean”, then patient did not want to undergo a “nice-to-have” HIPEC.  This means a less time in the hospital recovering and minimal complications.

Next stop for my lucky t-shirt? Vegas.

Photographer: MG Kern

22 thoughts on “No MOAS

  1. WOW!!!! You and your space age action figure superheroes toting lucky tshirts are AMAZING…love the rendition of Ivanna as Snow White…though I will now think of Snow White as a blonde…have fun kissing her back to life, Doug!

  2. What a relief and blessing that the surgery went so well! We’re thinking of you all and will continue praying for you. Thanks for the blog updates!

  3. I am happy for you guys! This is great news. All the chemo was totally worth it. Wow. Super news is all I can say!!!

    Breathe deep and relax a bit.

    Sheboygan Dan

  4. Absolutely fabulous news!!!! Time for hugs and a bit of relaxation. I, for one, will be raising a toast to Superwoman Ivanna and her amazing gang of doctors.

  5. Unbelievably great news! We are so happy for you guys! Can’t wait to have you all back at home! Give Ivanna big hugs from all of us!!


  6. I accidentally posted this in month 4, somehow or other, oh well I’ll say it again, WOW WOW WOW, such great news! All those prayers and good thoughts that have been headed to Houston have paid off! We love you Ivanna; you’re absolutely amazing!!!!

    love, Susan and family

  7. You are my hero. And I had no idea your husband had such a lovely curtsy. ( I don’t know where someone as tall as Doug could ever learn to curtsy! But it WAS beautiful, I must admit.)

    xxoo Page

  8. Dear Ivanna and Doug we are just overjoyed – – ecstatic – – blown away – – relieved – – thankful grateful delighted and just PLAIN OLD HAPPY. Can’t believe you found a better than best case scenario. Can you feel the ground shaking from all 5 Solms jumping up and down in Celebration? Doug, Please kiss your wife very gingerly on her cheek and tell her when she’s up to it, you have a HUGE hug to deliver as well. Thank God for answered prayer…you have been such a trooper and Ivanna has been nothing short of inspirational. Please tell her we love her and know we are continuing to pray for her recovery and for your healing from this trying time as a family. I know with anything so arduous – – with anythng so emotionally, physically and spiritually demanding, ULTIMATELY the gifts outweigh the sacrifices, but I also know that this has to have been the most difficult thing you have had to face as a family, and as indiduals – – each in different ways. What a blessing to be where you are now – – with real light pouring into the end of the tunnel. We just love you guys and are so very happy things are looking so overwhelmingly positive. We LOVE YOU! Karen, Tim, Emerson, Phoebe and Bateman

    ps Thank you for the graphic represention of the triumphant medical team over the evil tumor. As I am a visual learner it made it all that much clearer.

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