Today’s surgery went the “best-case” route.

The existing tumor, now a wimpy 2cm from this summer’s chemo, was removed and there was no evidence of any additional disease.

This means there was no need for HIPEC, aka heated intraperitoneal chemo, aka mother-of-all-surgeries (MOAS).

Prior to surgery, patient and doc agreed that if the surgery was “clean”, then patient did not want to undergo a “nice-to-have” HIPEC.  This means a less time in the hospital recovering and minimal complications.

Next stop for my lucky t-shirt? Vegas.

Photographer: MG Kern

Getting Ready for the Big Surgery

I’m finally here. After months of waiting, I’m in Houston for my surgery at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. We are at the apartment and I’m about to start drinking Gatorade and magnesium citrate cocktails in preparation for my second surgery tomorrow!  I hear this stuff is really good at making you feel lighter.

I enjoyed my last supper for a while at Kam’s Fine Chinese Cuisine (so good)! It’s hard to believe that I won’t be using my jaws for a long while.  Bummer. I LOVE food.

I’m ready.  Let’s get this over with.  See you on the recovery side.