Chemo (Week 19) – Back At It Again

I’m going back for chemo today after a one-month break. My M.D. Anerson drs. said I would need a couple more chemo treatments before my HIPEC procedure on Nov. 30th. But I wasn’t counting on five more weekly treatments! Same regimen as before – FOLFOX every two weeks and Erbitux every week. But, really, this is small potatoes compared to November 30th. And we need to keep the cancer at bay until then.

A few more details about why the HIPEC procedure. My drs. believe I am a great candidate for HIPEC for the following reasons:

  • Powerful response to IV chemo indicating that whatever else is hiding in there should respond well to HIPEC
  • Good indication that there is no dramatic peritoneal spread
  • Young (or so they say) and healthy
  • Best chance at a cure for my very aggressive cancer

Seems like I don’t have many options since the tumors could keep coming back and I could have a few more surgeries but there is a limit to that. And IV chemo isn’t a cure for this. Apparently, cytoreduction + HIPEC is my best chance for a cure. We don’t want to be playing whack-a-mole!

So off to the chemo chair again this morning for a fun-filled 7 hr. day or so! I’ll be having the FOLFOX/cetuximab treatment and then I come home with my chemo pump for the next two days.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a science fiction movie with flashbacks to the Middle Ages.

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