Chemo (Week 19) – Back At It Again

I’m going back for chemo today after a one-month break. My M.D. Anerson drs. said I would need a couple more chemo treatments before my HIPEC procedure on Nov. 30th. But I wasn’t counting on five more weekly treatments! Same regimen as before – FOLFOX every two weeks and Erbitux every week. But, really, this is small potatoes compared to November 30th. And we need to keep the cancer at bay until then. Continue reading

Going for the TKO

We’re going for the TKO of my non-mucinous, colonic-type appendiceal adenocarcinoma on November 30th – cytoreduction (debulking or removal of tumor) + HIPEC. I will have a couple more treatments of IV chemo here in Austin to keep the tumor at bay until the surgery. Here’s the link about HIPEC again.

The doctors, the pathologist, and radiologist at the appendix cancer conference said that I am an excellent candidate for this mother-of-all-surgeries. The word “formidable” was used today when talking about the surgery. Not exactly warm and fuzzy. But they definitely believe the benefits outweigh the risks in my case. I would like to stick around on the planet a while longer so if this is what it takes, so be it.

I will be in the hospital at M.D. Anderson and then in the area for about a month. More details later.

Laparoscopic Surgery at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Another milestone crossed. I had my diagnostic laparoscopic surgery yesterday (10/01/10). Everything went smoothly. Good news – there doesn’t seem to be any peritoneal spread of the cancer. Just the lovely tumor. Dr. Mansfield was gracious enough to provide me with photos. However, Dr. Mansfield did a biopsy wash which consists of injecting fluid into the peritoneal cavity, recapturing it and examining it for microscopic cancer cells. This will help determine the type of surgery I have next. Continue reading