Chemo (Week 18) – That’s it for now…

I completed my chemo treatments this past Tuesday. Eighteen weekly treatments in all. Wow. Am I glad to be on the other side! At least for now.

Yesterday, I was so ready to get on with feeling good again. Optimistically, I took my grocery list and headed out to Whole Foods. Didn’t make it past the juice bar. Too exhausted! Guess I have to give myself a while for the effects of this last treatment to taper off. Duh.

Caffe Medici rocks

Today, I walked the girls to school. Not bad. Then walked over to my favorite coffee shop and had a decaf cappucino with Doug. What decadence!

I can’t believe that we’re moving on to the next phase of my treatment. Laparoscopic surgery. I look forward to spending time in Houston during October with the best doctor looking around in my belly with all his instruments and gadgets. Hopefully, he will only find the remnants of my tumor which has been assaulted from every direction. Take that, you wicked cancer!

Speaking of cancer, there is way too much of it going around. Several friends and acquaintances have been diagnosed since I started chemo back in May and other brave friends have been battling it long before me. Every time I went into the infusion center, I would pray that I wouldn’t see anyone else I knew.

Thank you all for your continued caring and support throughout this ongoing situation. I am truly blessed with the best friends and family in the world. YOU make it so much easier!

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