Chemo (Week 18) – That’s it for now…

I completed my chemo treatments this past Tuesday. Eighteen weekly treatments in all. Wow. Am I glad to be on the other side! At least for now.

Yesterday, I was so ready to get on with feeling good again. Optimistically, I took my grocery list and headed out to Whole Foods. Didn’t make it past the juice bar. Too exhausted! Guess I have to give myself a while for the effects of this last treatment to taper off. Duh. Continue reading

M.D. Anderson 4-month Progress Report

Just got back from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center after spending two days in lovely Houston. After slogging through my 5th CT scan this year (I’m developing an aversion to them), I am happy to report that the worrisome spots in my liver are GONE! No metastasis to the liver! It appears that the questionable spots that showed up in July were side effects of the chemo as my liver is working overtime to process all of this cytotoxic waste.

Another bit of good news – my second tumor (in my peritoneal cavity) is continuing to shrink.  Before chemo was started in May, the second tumor was 7.5 cm in diameter. In July, it was 3.5 cm. As of yesterday, it is down to 2.5 cm. Great progress! Continue reading