Chemo (Week 5) – Relaxing…

I’m done with chemo treatment number 5.  Eleven more to go!  How time flies (or crawls) depending on the day. My side effects are about the same as last time with one improvement – no more roid rage!  I asked my oncologist to lower the steroid dose and he did. My head is not spinning anymore since my FOLFOX/Erbitux treatment.  I woke up both yesterday and today at 4:30 a.m. which is very early for me.  But I have been very awake in the daytime as well so there are definitely still effects which will wear off by tomorrow. But no big deal. Continue reading

Chemo (Week 3) – Roid Rage arrives

Good news! As of this past week, I have completed three chemo treatments. Tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/8), I go in for my fourth round on my way to a total of sixteen weekly treatments. If everything stays on track, I will complete my chemo regimen on August 31st. Can’t wait!

This past week was my big chemo (FOLFOX/Erbitux with pump for 48 hours). I experienced some definite chemo symptoms: Continue reading