Another Tumor

Here’s the latest situation:

1) Last week’s CT scan and biopsy at M.D. Anderson (MDA) showed that I have another 5 cm tumor in the same general area as my last one that was 6.5 cm. Since it grew from nothing to 5 cm during the 8 weeks after surgery, we are dealing with an aggressive cancer.

2) My chemotherapy will be administered in Austin ASAP every week. FOLFOX every 2 weeks and Erbitux every week. Exact start date TBD with the Austin office but it will probably be next week.  I’m lucky that I can have chemo locally in order to be with my family.

3) The idea is to have about 4 months of chemotherapy (16 weekly treatments). I will be evaluated at MDA in 2 months to see if the tumor is responding. If it is responding to the chemotherapy and shrinking, I may have surgery again to remove it after the 4 months is up. If it is not responding, then no surgery. We will try a different chemotherapy to see if it responds to that.

4) My surgical oncologist at MDA was able to squeeze me into the schedule so that I will have my port put in today.

Of course, this is the plan for now. Everything is subject to change at any time. I feel really good about my M.D. Anderson team and all the good vibes being sent my way from my family and friends.  It’s time to kick this cancer for good.

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