M.D. Anderson Cancer Center called!

Someone from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center called me yesterday! They have my file and my pathology slides which they are using to reconfirm my diagnosis. I overnighted four different tests (CTs, ultrasounds, x-rays and an MRA) to them yesterday which they should receive by 10:30 am today. They will review all of my info and call me to tell me when to come down (hope it’s soon, soon, soon). I’m getting nervous now. I have felt like Fred Flinstone the past few days – trying to run fast but going nowhere! But now the show seems to be getting on the road.

Thanks for all the fattening stuff. I’ve been overwhelmed with 10 pints of ice cream, cookies, chocolate-covered nuts, brownies, cake, more ice cream and lots more. It’s working. I’ve gained a couple of pounds already and I’m sure I’ll be gaining more. That includes all the nutritious food being sent my way as well.

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