Next Steps

Here’s the latest scoop:

  • I saw my hospital oncologist today (3/3/10) in his office. The first time we met, I was on a morphine high after surgery.
  • He recommends radiation and chemo together. Treatment should start ASAP (in about 3 weeks).
  • Doesn’t know what my prognosis is since there are not enough people with this cancer to get any good statistics. Besides, statistics don’t work on the individual level. (The cancer may not know this yet but I’m going to win.)
  • I requested a referral to Dr. Paul Mansfield at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for his opinion which my local oncologist was more than happy to arrange.  Hopefully, I will be able to get an appointment this week or next.
  • Will meet with one other local oncologist who I know and will get his take as well.
  • Will have a PET scan in two weeks to see if there is cancer in any other part of my body.
  • Will meet again with my hospital-assigned oncologist in three weeks to finalize details and let him know my decision regarding who I want to be my treating oncologist (in charge of the overall plan).
  • Will possibly start the radiation/chemo process with the radiation oncologist in about 3 weeks.

I’m doing pretty well, getting a little stronger everyday from the surgery but still having to take it easy. Any advice about how to gain weight is welcome – I need at least 10 more pounds! The girls are handling this pretty well even though they are very concerned about me. We are all snuggling alot! Doug continues to be my rock as usual. My mom did double overtime while she was here for the last 4 weeks. She left today for CA but will be back in two weeks for the long haul. Sandy continues to be a huge help with whatever is needed.

I’m so fortunate to have family and good friends like you. Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing. (I can’t tell you how much the whole family has appreciated the yummy meals.)

Onward ho.

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