I’m in at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

I finally have appointments secured with Dr. Paul Mansfield (surgical oncologist) and Dr. Michael Overman (medical oncologist) at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center on April 14 and 15. They require that I wait about 8 weeks after surgery to completely heal. Otherwise, the CT scans might be inaccurate because of possible swelling from the February surgery.

I’m so glad that I have decided to get a second opinion from M.D. Anderson, a major cancer center, where they have seen many of these rare appendiceal adenocarcinomas.  When I realized that my local oncologists weren’t sure how to treat the cancer, I decided to hightail it down to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Almost In

I’m still working with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to get my appointment scheduled. They are very systematic about intake. So after gathering a bizillion medical records, sending them to Houston and a flurry of emails between my contact and yours truly, I am waiting for the call about my appointment.  I need to come down for a 2-day consultation. They mentioned sometime during the first week of April.

Patience is definitely a virtue.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center called!

Someone from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center called me yesterday! They have my file and my pathology slides which they are using to reconfirm my diagnosis. I overnighted four different tests (CTs, ultrasounds, x-rays and an MRA) to them yesterday which they should receive by 10:30 am today. They will review all of my info and call me to tell me when to come down (hope it’s soon, soon, soon). I’m getting nervous now. I have felt like Fred Flinstone the past few days – trying to run fast but going nowhere! But now the show seems to be getting on the road.

Thanks for all the fattening stuff. I’ve been overwhelmed with 10 pints of ice cream, cookies, chocolate-covered nuts, brownies, cake, more ice cream and lots more. It’s working. I’ve gained a couple of pounds already and I’m sure I’ll be gaining more. That includes all the nutritious food being sent my way as well.

Post-Surgery: Overwhelmed

First things first – THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your support and love! Flowers, meals, visits, prayers – it’s just been a little overwhelming being on the receiving end of so much support! I can’t begin to tell you much it all means to our little family! I will never again underestimate the power in the simple gift of a meal – it has made our lives so much easier and has taken away one less thing to do. So again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I’m recovering well from the big surgery on February 15, 2010 to remove my appendix tumor, as well as a right-hemicolectomy and 21 lymph nodes. Wasn’t expecting that much work. It’s weird to be missing some parts.  But it’s just plumbing and everything works fine. And the tumor is out of me! My goals right now are to recover from the surgery and gain all the weight I’ve lost plus more. Let’s just say I’m on the lean side and leave it at that. Continue reading